When Should You Take the Leap to Create Your Dream Life?

I was having a discussion with someone about life transitions and it really got me thinking. Most of us really want to pivot to a dream life… a life we really enjoy living. But how and when are the difficult questions that can keep us trapped.

In fact, it can be downright scary to think that you would leave your safety net behind and really go for what you want; to put it all aside to create your dream life. After all, you’ve invested quite a bit into building the comfort and security you have today.

Determining the right time to make the transition will depend on your answers to a few questions (for starters):

  1. How will you eat?  This sounds silly right? Almost common sense. But not really. The “right time” will mean you have defined a plan that will still provide for basic life needs such as those defined in Maslow’s Hierarchy. The physiological and safety tiers are of critical importance and foundational pieces for creating your dream life.
  2. What’s the end goal?  Your vision needs to be clear. It’s difficult to reach a destination you have not yet defined.
  3. What resources do you need?  In order to get from point A to point B, what resources to I need? I like to break these down into financial, human and technical resources.
  4. Do you have the family stability and support for this transition? If you have family members close to you, this will be their transition as well. It’s important to elicit their feedback and support prior to making changes that will affect everyone. A likely benefit is their ability to help raise issues you may not have considered…
  5. Are you emotionally prepared? Have a very honest conversation with yourself. Are you really ready for this? Are you willing to commit to this? This type of transition often results in multiple hurdles being thrown your way. Are you prepared to leap over them and keep on moving? Recently, the link between emotional intelligence and entrepreneurial success has gained more traction as researchers have started defining a very concrete relationship between the two.


So, are you ready to begin creating your dream life? Start by asking yourself these questions. Then, consider your ability to provide positive answers as your guiding light… a beacon of sorts. And while there is definitely more to the equation, this gets you into a good starting position before making the serious life-changing decisions that will help you begin your transition.


Remember the ultimate goal is to move from a life you live… to a life you love. And when you plan and prepare, you move one step closer.


All the best,


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