What Service Recovery and Your Dream Life Have in Common

Service recovery and your dream life have more in common than you might think…

As I sit here in a restaurant, the waiter has taken 13 minutes to take my order. So long that I finally requested he come to my table. He finally made it over to my table and failed to acknowledge his error. Just casually proceeds on which caused me to be just a bit annoyed.

However, as I go through this experience, it dawns on me how much service recovery and achieving your dream life have in common.

Let me draw a few parallels for you:

  1. Acknowledge shortcomings – These are not necessarily failures but simply an acknowledgment that we are all human. We are not perfect and therefore we make mistakes. The key is to fess up. Owning it can be a very freeing experience allowing you to move forward without all the baggage.
  2. Turn things around –  There is a famous quote (by author unknown) that says no matter how far you travel down the wrong road it’s never too late to turn around and go back. The beautiful thing about life is each new day is an opportunity to begin reshaping the future. The same can be said for each interaction we have with each other.
  3. Define the path forward – Don’t leave the results you are hoping for to chance. You are much more likely to get your desired results if you consciously plot the course and then strategically move ahead. 

All three of these are common factors in both effective service recovery and in building the dream life you want and deserve.

While no one can turn back the clock, you can change the future. I can almost promise it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

Until next time!

All the best,


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