Is Your Life Like A NY City Taxi Ride?

On a recent visit to NY City, I found myself happily relying on the convenient taxi service available in the city. And, thank goodness for it! Although each trip was memorable in its own right, there were a few things consistent in each ride.


  1. Swaying this way and that way
  2. Not so graceful starts and stops
  3. The friendly blaring of horns


It struck me that as I help professionals transition to living a life they love… a true dream life, there are definite parallels to my NY City taxi rides. On the surface, this may sound a bit crazy but indulge me for a minute as I explain.


The first step in our journey is to understand the current state of things. And here is where the similarities can be seen. You’ve worked so hard to get to a certain point in your career only to feel like you are spinning a bit trying to maintain control of all that’s happening around you.

Trying desperately to reach a balance where you can feel a sense of happiness; a state of inner peace. You’ve been trying to tackle this beast one obstacle at a time:

Running from task to task trying to stay on top of things                                               

>>>    Swaying this way and that way

Constantly reacting to events to by making adjustments that seem necessary           

>>>    Not so graceful starts and stops

The occasional meltdown caused by frustration at the lack of progress                        

>>>   The friendly blaring of horns


Instead, I want you to take a step back and take a deep breath.

Then, make a conscious decision to get out of the taxi and get off the merry-go-round. How? By creating a well-defined vision of where you want to be and what you want your life to look like.


Then take the tactical approach of outlining a series of steps that will help you get there. Only when you are able to create the big picture and commit to taking the tough but necessarily actions will you ever truly achieve the life you want… a life you love living.


I believe you can do it!


Until next time…all the best!


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