What is Motivation?

In general, motivation is the desire or willingness of a person to do something. It is a psychological state wherein you are goal-oriented, have self-fulfillment, and have the desire to improve the quality of your life. Motivation is the result of your eagerness to achieve something. Are you aiming for success? Are you motivated? Continue reading for a Dream Life Journey on Motivation.

Sources of Motivation

What drives you? This question is short and simple. For someone who has a family, maybe his/her motivation is parents, siblings, kids or spouse. For someone who is studying, maybe high grades is the driving force. A working person’s inspiration can be pay incentives. Motivation, drive, inspiration, incentive…it may come in many different terms but these words describe motivation that revolves around two things – NEEDS and WANTS.

There are different types of needs. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, there are five:

1) Physiological Needs, or the needs of the body: food, water, breathing, clothing, shelter, and sex. These are the things we humans cannot live without.

2) Safety Needs, which include personal security, financial security, and health. After achieving physiological needs, we need to satisfy our own securities.

3) Love and Belonging Needs. This type of need is so important because as the quote says “No man is an island.” We feel the need to belong, to love and to be loved. We have the urge to feel that we are part of a whole.

4) Esteem Needs, which include self-esteem and self-respect. This type explains why it is normal for us to desire attention, fame, status, recognition, independence, strength, and of course, respect, both from others and ourselves.

5) Self-Actualization. This need is realizing a person’s full potential. This may not mean spiritually reaching the peak of your potential. Although for some, it may. Each one of us has different purpose, so this type of need has different meanings for people.

These needs are what keep us moving. We are humans. We are not constant and at different times we may need different things. When we are still babies, all we need is food, love, and care from our parents. As we grow older, we thirst for joy, knowledge, attention, and more. Our needs change and we cannot alter that; for change is inevitable. But, it is this need that can be a driving motivation for us.

Another thing that keeps people motivated is our wants. This differs to our needs as wants are the things we just desire to have but do not necessarily need. We need food but we want the latest smartphone model. See the difference? This concept is easy to understand because we face this everyday in real life. Also, remember that the needs of others can be wants to some and the wants of others can be needs to some. Wants keep us motivated because as people, it is human nature for us to do everything we can to achieve those things we deeply desire.

Motivation as a Key to Success

Daniel Goleman, the American psychologist who developed the concept of Emotional Intelligence in the 90s, pinpointed the 4 elements that make up motivation. These are:

  • Our personal drive to improve and achieve. To be called motivated, we have to have the mindset of achieving something and improving ourselves. It is the first step of success- proper mindset. Without this thinking, we cannot be successful in life.
  • Commitment to our goals. One answer to the question How to be successful?” is that you must be committed to your goals. By developing a fierce dedication, you let nobody stop you from achieving these goals. Shift by thinking of each hindrance as a challenge, and not a factor for you to stop reaching moving forward. When you honestly consider yourself as someone committed to his/her goals, then you are truly motivated.
  • Initiative, or readiness to act on opportunities, as well as optimism. No matter how big or small the opportunity is, grab it. Small opportunities might be your stepping stone to success. Big opportunities, needless to say, are a huge boost to your life in general. Moreover, positivity is also a secret to success and motivation. Surely, you are going to encounter a lot of problems, issues, and troubles along the way. Face each of them with a big smile on your face and say, “Challenge me.” You will find yourself motivated to continue merrily on your way.
  • Resilience. As mentioned previously, you are going to face a lot of challenges while aiming for success. If you failed on the first try, do not be afraid to start again. Recover from any  damage and rebuild yourself. Fall once, stand up twice. Motivated people have that as their motto. Make it as yours, too.

From all the elements mentioned above, would you consider yourself a motivated person? Do you agree that Motivation is a Key to Success?

Why is it important to be motivated?

You will notice that some people are highly motivated while others lack enthusiasm. Which one are you? If you are the type of person who does things eagerly, then you are a highly-motivated individual and you should continue on this path. However, if you are the type of person who has no enthusiasm and finds yourself avoiding key tasks, then you may lack motivation.

Have you noticed that many people seem so half-hearted when they are working, studying or just performing routine activities. It may mean two things – they are not happy with what they are doing, or they are not motivated. For many, the issue may be their lack of motivation. In the workplace, decreased productivity is also a sign that motivation is missing. But why does it matter? So, why is it important to be motivated?

Motivation is a building block of Emotional Intelligence, or a high Emotional Quotient (EQ). Emotional Intelligence is the extent to which we are self-aware, can self-manage, can motivate ourselves, can express empathy, and possess social skills. Take note of the phrase, “can motivate ourselves.” Can you? At times, we look outside ourselves for motivation when true motivation comes from within.

Research indicates EQ can predict the success of a person more consistently than IQ can. In other words, your success is so much more than knowledge. Knowledge is a plus but your emotional skills can lead you to success and make the difference in your life. Just like the quote says, “IQ can get you a job, but EQ can give you a promotion.”

Motivation is important in identifying your goals. Goals are the result of a desire for change. Creating goals requires motivation. Motivation is what sparks your interest. It opens up your mind to change. It is the fuel source that powers your desire to achieve your goals.

Without motivation, positive change does not happen. You can’t make a great things happen in your life by approaching things half-heartedly. The only way to create something big, to build something brilliant, to construct something unforgettable, is to do it with enthusiasm. Reflect on your life. I would imagine the best things that have occurred are those where you were overflowing with motivation!

Motivation sets apart a goal and an action. Let’s say, you already have goals. So what? A goal cannot be completed without actually fulfilling it. Let motivation kick in and start bringing that goal to life! Success can never be achieved by just dreaming. You have to work at it with motivation and commitment.

Need to break through hindrances? Turn up your motivation to make progress. Motivation does not just help in creating the plan and taking action, but also in fighting through those barriers that are sure to surface. Every success journey is fraught with difficulties. Having motivation will help you overcome these difficulties.

Consistency is the key. If you want to create sustained success, be consistent. If you have already reached a high-level of success, how sure are you that you will remain there? Motivation is a key source of the consistency needed to have long-term success.

If your desire is to create sustainable success, reflect on your level of motivation. It could be the missing key to your success.

Let’s end with this quote from Zig Ziglar…

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it daily.”

I hope I have shared enough for you to work on being motivated! Stay tuned for our next blog on Ways to Get Motivated.”

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Why Donald Trump Being President is a Good Thing

After a grueling election cycle, many of us woke up the day after the election with a knot in the pit of our stomachs. Are you kidding me? This didn’t just happen? Please tell me I’m dreaming?

These were the comments I heard and read. It took me a moment to re-center myself but after that moment, I knew everything was going to be okay. You see, a little self-reflection revealed that I was afraid. Afraid for myself, my family and our country. Afraid that Donald Trump would somehow ruin everything.

American’s typically refuse to live in fear. We are bold, outspoken and frankly stubborn if not a bit egotistical. So now that we have a result that many of us don’t support, many of us have a fear that is nearly paralyzing? This state of being is contrary and does not embody what it means to be an American.

So, let me share why Donald Trump being president is a good thing:

  • A Powerful Illustration: If this victory does not illustrate why every single American should vote, nothing ever will. Elections have consequences.
  • An Exercise in Reframing: This victory will cause each of us to reframe our thinking. We may not like Donald Trump but I hope each of us is hoping his presidency is a successful one for the sake of our country.
  • Shifting our Locus of Control: If we are going to emotionally be “okay”, it is important to consider that we are the creators of our own destiny. Regardless of who is president your life is the result of a series of actions, reactions, and decisions taken not by the President but by you. It is your life, own it!
  • Motivation Unleashed: Donald Trump’s victory has inspired me to push myself to new levels. I refuse to be dependent on the government to lead a healthy and successful life. I will create my world within this United States of America.
  • The Power of Choice: Guess what the election did not take away from us. The ability to make the choices that will continue to shape our lives. Like the all important choice not to shy away from this challenge but to confront it. And the ability to choose happiness and a positive state of mind in the face of what is sure to be a challenging 4 years.

Clearly I was and am not a Donald Trump supporter. I can imagine many of you might be thinking that I am overlooking the fact that the President has the power along with Congress to enact policies that affect all of us. Absolutely true! Obamacare was important to me. Being a self-employed entrepreneur, prior to Obamacare, it was difficult to get health insurance because I have a pre-existing condition. So, believe me. I get it.

I have simply decided I will always be inspired and empowered to continuing making the world a better place for me, my family and my country in my own way. And to continue helping others in my Dream Life Coaching practice do the same. Regardless of who the president is.

Donald Trump’s election has reminded me of the importance having clear priorities, focus and maintaining ownership of my life. It has reminded me to take ownership of the things within my control. It has reminded me that sitting on the sidelines is never a good thing. It has helped me to better understand and have faith in our democracy. It has helped me see that the world did not end when Donald Trump became the President. And, it has helped to remind me that as long as we have another day and the sun continues to rise, we will have the opportunity to be active, vocal and make a contribution to tomorrow.

From that perspective, Donald Trump being the President is a good thing.

Rhonda Y. Williams, The Dream Life Coach

Originally posted on Quora

From Fearful to Fearless!


In my last blog, I discussed the importance of acknowledging and understanding your fears if you want to create your amazing dream life. These fears often mask themselves as excuses but if we take an honest and deep look under the covers we will likely find the true culprit. Hidden fears. These fears cripple our ability to dream big and achieve bigger. It is like an eagle who is ready to soar but has one wing tied down. Start first by taking the critical step of writing down each surface excuse for why you are not actively pursuing your dream life and then dig deep to identify the true fear behind it.

Go from fearful to fearless

When you have a list of about three excuses or reasons as we like to say when we are being kind to ourselves, start by focusing on the top reason. In your mind, what is that number one reason you are not creating your dream life? By creating I mean establishing the vision, laying the foundation and taking deliberate action.

Now, let’s really focus on that one top reason. List the top 5 things you fear could happen based on this excuse. For instance, maybe I would love to start a business. If my number one reason for not proceeding is I don’t have enough money. My list of top five would be 1) I would probably fail because I don’t have the money to get started 2) I might not be able to pay my bills and start a business 3) my spouse would never go for it taking extra money 4) it is going to cost too much 5) I don’t want to get a loan.

So now that we understand some of our underlying fears, we can take a very clinical approach to dealing with them one by one.

  1. I would probably fail because I don’t have the money to get started
    1. This might happen. But just as this is possible, it is also possible that you might succeed. There is no dream gate agent who is going to slam the door on you. Not having the money is simply a current state that has no bearing on your future state unless you allow it to.
  2. I might not be able to pay my bills and start a business
    1. Again, possibly. But have you actually done the math? Have you looked at options to manage finances to determine what would be needed for the business vs household expenses? Have you considered additional or alternate sources of income to keep things going while you establish your business?
  3. My spouse would never go for it taking extra money from the family
    1. Have you discussed it with your spouse? Did you approach it in a way that sounds half-baked and incredulous or did you lay out a plan that helps your spouse see the big picture? The vision you share should also help your spouse feel secure that the family’s basic needs will still be met. If you are committed you will need to work through this in a very deliberate way.
  4. It is going to cost too much
    1. How much would it cost to get started? Exactly how much is too much? Is there an option to start small and build as you grow?
  5. I don’t want to get a loan
    1. Are you relying on common misconceptions and stereotypical ideas that loans are bad things? What if you could get a loan for $20,000 that will ultimately provide the structure and marketing need to generate $200,000 of income? Would it be worth it? Remember, everything is about perspective.

What I see in all of these concerns is the fear of taking risks and fear of failure. The best way to manage fear of risk is to ensure you have properly vetting the path and the process so that the risk is not reckless. The risk will always be there but it is a necessary challenge if you truly want to excel. While you cannot eliminate risk, you can certainly manage it.

You see sometimes fear is not based on reality. It is simply a result of preconceived ideas we have in our head. To deal with them, leave the feelings behind and focus on logically addressing each concern to prove to yourself that although the concern is real, it is not insurmountable and should not be used as an excuse stifles our progress. Your subconscious brain will take these fears and turn them into reality because it does not know the difference, after all that is what it has been fed. If you provide your brain with a different source of food and energy, it will respond in kind and think differently; it will think in a way more congruent with your goals.

To start creating your amazing dream life, manage the risks and fears you face and keep on moving. Move from fearful to fearless!

Rhonda Y. Williams, The Dream Life Coach

Originally posted on Quora