How to Keep Yourself Motivated

A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning.

– Pat Riley

Admit it. There are times when we lack motivation for work, for pursuing something we have in mind, and even just for getting up in the morning. Being able to motivate ourselves is part of having high EQ, and we all know how important Emotional Intelligence is in our lives. Without it, multifaceted success is difficult to achieve.

It’s like a match that you need to start a fire. It’s like a seed that you need to start growing a plant. Whether you realize it or not, you need motivation in your life to keep growing and making progress.

As an Emotional Intelligence specialist, I want all of us to keep ourselves motivated. I am sharing this blog article with you to help you motivate yourself. And when you already achieved that, you can also share this to others and motivated them as well. So, without further ado, here are the things you need to know to keep yourself motivated:

  1. Remind yourself of your goals. Create D.R.E.A.M. goals – Determined, Remarkable, Ended, Agenda-Based, Monitored. Remind yourself of your goals frequently. I recommend reviewing your goals at least every day and more frequently whenever you feel down or hopeless. It will help you remember why you started in the first place. A Vision Board, or a cork board with a collage of your dreams and goals is a great way source of motivation.
  2. Connect with your “Why”? Make a list of reasons why you want to achieve your goals. These reasons may be your family, friends, or community. Whoever or whatever they are, list them down. Sometimes we must create reasons to start doing something. Constantly remind yourself why this is important to you and make it a habit to look at this list every once in awhile.
  3. Reward yourself. Yes, give yourself rewards! It can be material rewards or a trip you want or a concert you want to attend. You deserve anything in the world for all the goodness and hard work you’ve done. Just remember not to always reward yourself because this might not result in motivation if it becomes an expectation. You’ll lose the essence of rewards if you overdo it.
  4. Have a good circle of friends. A network that will support and motivate you is one thing you need to keep yourself motivated. They will be there to lift your mood when you’re feeling down and tell you when to go and when they disagree. In Dream Life Tribe, our group will be there to support you whether you are thinking of building a new house, investing on something, or having thoughts on starting a business. Join us now for the motivation you need in your life.
  5. Read motivational stories or quotes. Believe it or not, reading motivational material can motivate you in one way or another. People get to be inspired by something they find to be “relatable” or something that they find heartwarming. Go find the right content for you to help with the daily motivation you need. Connect with us at Real Dream Life on Facebook for daily inspirational and informative quotes!
  6. Get rid of all distractions. Do not ever let distractions win. Focus on the task at hand and remove all distractions that get in your way. Distractions come in many forms… financial distress, relationship challenges, work-related conflict, stress and much more. So, beware of the shiny object! If you can’t get rid of them, recognize them for what they are, manage them and then get back on track!
  7. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s the last but not the least. If you think you are pushing yourself too hard, then take a break. If you are getting sick of thinking how you should get things done, then do it step by step.
    Always keep in mind that success doesn’t come overnight and you will certainly encounter setbacks in achieving your goals. But if you think that you are experiencing too many struggles, it is time to relax. Read a book. Drink a cup of coffee. It may just take you an hour of rest to finally think of something brilliant that will overcome the challenge you are facing.

With all the tips I included above, I hope it helps you find the motivation to get going. Keeping yourself motivated may not be an easy process for some but each step can be a big help in achieving the success you want

Do you have any questions, suggestions, or insights? Don’t hesitate to comment below!

Until our next blog!

– Rhonda