Do You Have Empathy?


It is a seven-letter word that means feeling another person’s emotions. It’s basically knowing what the other person is feeling. Putting yourself into other people’s shoes, as they say. It is one of the fundamental concepts of EQ or Emotional Intelligence. How many people have it?

In this short blog, I’ll share some signs that indicate whether you have empathic abilities or not.  Think of these as a roadmap. Strengthening these areas can help you improve your empathy towards other people while raising your own emotional intelligence (EQ).

Why does it matter? Empathy is a cornerstone of emotional intelligence. We know that high EQ individuals often earn more money, are more successful, are better communicators, have better relationships, are better leaders and are generally happier. Consider these areas and they improving your empathy could help improve your life, decision-making and happiness.

You have empathic abilities if:

  • You are highly sensitive
  • You have a big heart for others
  • You absorb other people’s feelings
  • You are highly intuitive
  • You are introverted
  • You can’t watch an emotional movie without crying
  • You don’t want to see other people getting hurt
  • You are drawn to healing of other people
  • You love animals, nature, and all living things
  • You need some alone-time or solitude
  • You are a daydreamer
  • You are understanding
  • You are always a target for energy vampires, or those who drain other people’s energy
  • You don’t want to get imprisoned by someone or something
  • You listen to everyone
  • You are a trustworthy person
  • You are open to new ideas

If you have more than half of the mentioned traits and characteristics, then it can be concluded that you have empathic abilities and this is one key area of EQ that may be a strength for you. If not, try using this list as a roadmap. Start by understanding your own feelings and then work on becoming more sensitive to what others are feeling.

Stay tuned for more blogs about Emotional Intelligence or EQ.

– Rhonda