Dream Life University Podcast Episode 5 Poor Mans Business Start Up

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Meet Martin Niedenfuhr!


In this episode, I spend some time with Martin Niedenfuhr.

Martin is a digital marketer, entrepreneur and the founder of Local Web Solutions. He is also on the Board of Venue Secure. Groundbreaking solutions for Venue Security and aids in decreasing crime rates due to intoxication.

Martin will share with us:

  • Why he decided to start a business and take the leap of faith
  • Some of his start up mistakes
  • How he started his business with no money
  • Start up challenges he faced
  • How he handled wondering if he was good enough to make it work
  • The importance of educating yourself especially on your product
  • Why winging it is not a good idea when dealing with peoples money
  • The importance of professional perception – the way others perceive you
  • How to bootstrap your business using time as an investment
  • Advice to those who feel they are “not good” many aspects of business
  • Tips on some affordable services that can be used
  • Why every business needs Snapchat

At Dream Life University, our objective is to give you the tools and resources necessary to change your life. Creating life change using tangible, actionable steps is our mission with every podcast. Why? Because true success only comes when we take action. Not when we listen, not when we read, not when we wish… only action creates momentum and true change.

Listen as Martin gives us his 3 KEY TAKEAWAYS you can start using to create your life change today!

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