Dream Life University Podcast Episode 6 Launching a Successful Product or Invention

Dream Life University Podcast Show

Meet Jody Harris!


In this episode, I spend some time with Jody Harris.

Jody is an award winning inventor, an Amazon best selling author, a speaker, consultant and publisher.

Jody will share with us:

  • When and why she decided to start her business
  • How she turned her strength for solving problems into successful inventions in ZippedMe and YukBGone
  • How she dealt with fears of moving her inventions forward
  • When she began to understand she had the power to be successful and make an impact
  • How she used some of the challenges in her live to help her move forward
  • How to decide which ideas to take to market
  • How to take your product from concept to market
  • The importance of a patent pending and why you don’t need to wait for a full patent
  • The value of early feedback from your customers
  • How to determine where to get prototype designed
  • Importance of determining your pricing strategy
  • How a consultant or mentor can help
  • Marketing advice including identifying target market and establishing relationships
  • Her long term goals in the next 5 years including her upcoming book and future opportunities to pitch your product to her for seed funding

At Dream Life University, our objective is to give you the tools and resources necessary to change your life. Creating life change using tangible, actionable steps is our mission with every podcast. Why? Because true success only comes when we take action. Not when we listen, not when we read, not when we wish… only action creates momentum and true change.

Listen as Jody gives us her 3 KEY TAKEAWAYS you can start using to create your life change today!

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