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Meet Uyi Abraham!

In this episode, Uyi Abraham joins me.

Uyi Abraham is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bloomchase.com an online service that matches customers to the best local professionals near them. He came to America 14 years ago with a big dream and only $100 in his pocket. Today he is living the American dream while helping others discover and pursue their own dreams. He is a certified Life and Business Coach, Apostle and author of many books. He lives in Atlanta with his family.

Uyi Abraham shares with us:

  • How he came America
  • What he was doing before he became a certified life and business coach
  • Why he became a Life Coach and Business Coach
  • Information about Bloomchase.com and the inspiration behind it
  • Who are the main groups of professionals and clients you are linking
  • One secret from his book: Millionaire habits
  • And more!

At Dream Life University, our objective is to give you the tools and resources necessary to change your life. Creating life change using tangible, actionable steps is our mission with every podcast. Why? Because true success only comes when we take action. Not when we listen, not when we read, not when we wish… only action creates momentum and true change.

Listen as Abraham gives us his 3 KEY TAKEAWAYS you can start using to create your life and/or career change today!

Connect with Uyi Abraham and watch as Bloomchase blows up!

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Rhonda: Hello, hello, hello and welcome to the Dream Life University podcast show. This is episode number 12 – ‘Following your Dreams Pays Off’. I’m Rhonda Williams, The Dream Life Coach and your host for this show, where we help you transition from a life you live, to a life you love.

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Today I am really excited to have Abraham joining us on the show. And let me just tell you a little bit about Abraham. He is the co-founder and CEO of Bloomchase.com which is an online service that matches customers to the best local professionals near them.

He came to America 14 years ago, with a big old dream and only a $100 in his pocket. Today he is living the American dream, while helping others discover and pursue their own dreams. He is a certified life and business coach, apostle and author of many, many books. He lives in Atlanta, with his beautiful wife and family.

Abraham welcome to the show.

Abraham: Thank you so much Rhonda. It’s such a pleasure to be here. I’m honored to be your guest today.

Rhonda: You know, I’m so glad to have you join us, because I think your story is a very interesting one and I think there’s always so much to be learned, that others can take away when you are able to be open and transparent and share with us, some of, you know, what you went through and also, some of the successes that came out of that. So I am excited to speak with you today.

Abraham: Thank you so much, it’s such a pleasure again.

Rhonda: Okay, so let’s dive right into questions, because as I was reading and understanding your background, the first question I had was, I’m not exactly sure how old you were when you came to America, but how did that come about? Did you always know that you wanted to come here? Or did you come with parents?

Abraham: Yeah, that’s such a good question. My parents, they live here in America, so they are US citizens, naturalized and US citizens. So my dad has been here for a long, long time, so he filed for me to be able to come to America that was on, it was October 18th, 2002. That’s about 14 years ago and so the dream, I was already in medical school in Nigeria.

I’m originally from Nigeria, so the dream was to come here to America and finish up my medical degree and become a gynecologist. But when I came here, I kind of started going back to school but I just lost interest totally in medicine and biology and stuff like that. I just felt like my calling was business and ministry, also too, am also an apostle, I’m a pastor too, in Atlanta. So I felt like my calling was in the ministry and business and to help people, in that way rather than being a medical doctor.One of the reasons why I wanted to become doctor, was to help people and help women because I wanted to be a gynecologist, but like I said, I lost interest, so I changed course from medicine to business. I got some degrees in that, then you know. So that really I got started in business and coaching and just helping people, for the last few years.

Rhonda: Wow, that’s a pretty amazing story, because that’s so very different. You started off on one path and you completely changed. Abraham was there anyone in particular that inspired you? Or that was coaching and mentoring you, that really fostered that feeling that you wanted to do something other than medicine?

Abraham: Yeah, there was quite some people. There have been a lot of people, like they say, ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ There’s been a lot of people that have really inspired me from even back home from Nigeria. There’s a guy called Dr. Chris, he really inspired me, but here in America, I think Lez Brown inspired me a lot, Tony Robbins, Bishop T.D Jakes, there’s a lot of people.
I’m a good learner, I learnt from as many people as possible. But, I’ve never really had a direct mentor, coach, until maybe a year or two ago and that’s one of the things I want to really talk about on this broadcast as well.

I feel like I probably, I would have been further up in life, if I had like a, one on one mentor, or one on one coach you know. I guess I was, I thought I could just, conquer the world, conquer the whole world myself. I never really saw the need for it, until by a year or two ago. If I had like a direct mentor or direct coach or life strategist or whatever you wanna call it, I think I probably would’ve been further ahead in life than I am right now.

Rhonda: That’s amazing and I do want to stay on this topic for a few moments, because I think, first of all, I want to thank you for being so transparent about that because, I feel a little bit like that myself and we do so much and we get into a mind set sometimes that we think we know what’s best for us, but the problem is that, we don’t know what we don’t know, right.
There’s so much out there and the next person who has lived and experienced can share with us, but we’re hesitant to reach out, because we think we know the best way.
So, if you had a mentor or a coach, you believe you’d have been further along.

Abraham: Yes, very true you know.
I think it was, is it Isaac Newton who said, he got further by standing on the shoulders of giants. We all can do better. Nobody is smart enough to just figure out all their life all by themselves. There is always going to be somebody else out there that can give us an insight or two, that can help us to be better at whatever it is that our dream, our life, our vision is. So it’s very important that, we don’t do life alone, but we work with somebody qualified, that can help us, guide us, inspire us, lead us in whatever way it is, to help us maximize our dreams.

Rhonda: Well, I know a lot of people who are still trying to determine, why they need a coach and my philosophy, my basic philosophy is that every single one of us need a coach and regardless of who that person is, you need to find someone that has been where you’re trying to go and find the person that’s willing to help you along the way, because as you said, we all need that helping hand up and standing on the shoulders of giants is definitely a way to do that. But what would you say to the person who says, ‘I don’t need a coach, because first of all, I can’t afford a coach. It’s just too much, too much money and I know how to do this.’ What advice would you give to that person?

Abraham: Well, I always tell people, I did an article, I wrote an article some time ago and the title was, “Only Gold Medalists and Super Athletes Really Need a Coach”. I mean, if you consider yourself, your dream, your vision to be first class, you consider yourself a gold medalist, a potential gold medalist, a potential somebody that is worth, your dream is worth something wonderful then you’re going to need a coach.

Michael Jordan, as good as he was, he needed a coach. Kobe Bryant, even Michael Jackson, he needed to work with Quincy Jones, to help him get better and I believe that the late Prince probably was more talented than Michael Jackson but he never really worked with any multiple coach or producer that anybody knew. He worked mostly by himself and yet his songs or his music was not as popular or as big as Michael Jacksons was.

But Michael Jackson even though was good and awesome, but was smart enough to find coaches, which is producers, song writers, voice coaches and all those other people to work with him to make his craft better.

And to the other part of your question, is that, I think its a lie and fallacy, when people say they cannot afford a coach, maybe what theyre really saying is that, they really dont see the value in paying for a coach, because this same people that say they cannot afford a coach, Rhonda, can afford a Gucci bag, can afford a $300 pair of shoes, can afford things that are very expensive, but they claim they cannot afford a coach. Of course we know that every coach or life style strategist, whatever you want to call it, the price point is different, but theres always somebody out there that is qualified, that is licensed or certified or has just the experience, that can help or coach anybody. There are coaches that work with people for like $25 an hour and those that work with you for like $25,000 an hour. But theres always somebody out there that is qualified to work with anybody.

So anybody listening to this podcast right now, you need a coach. If you got something really special, awesome in you, that youre trying to burst out, you need a coach. You need somebody on your corner that is going to walk with you.

And let me just plug real quick, Rhonda, Ive known for a few time now, but I think youre an awesome coach. I know thats not the term you normally use, but if you need a coach, Rhonda, shes somebody I would recommend. Somebody that you can reach out and talk to and Im sure shes gonna be able to do something awesome for you.

Rhonda: Well thank you so much for that plug, I sure appreciate it. I dont know Abraham, I dont know if people want to work with me because Im really kind of no non-sense, Im really about helping people figure out, what is your dream and lets make it happen? What do we need to do to do that? But as you mentioned earlier, you know sometimes people will invest resources and money and a lot of different things, but the things that are central to improving that over our life, are the things that we sometimes find ourselves struggling to convince people, are important.
I don
t know about that.

Abraham: Yes and you said that youre a no non-sense coach, which is what people really need. I mean, people got friends already that they can kid around with, but they need somebody else that can help them get better and help them to achieve that goals and dreams and thats why somebody like you is super super important for somebody to talk to, that can really help them get to where they really need to get to and achieve that dreams. I think thats awesome.

Rhonda: Yeah and thank you for that, and again for our listeners and callers out there, were just speaking with Abraham, who is the co-founder and CEO of BloomChase.com and Im really excited and were going to learn a little bit more about his service, but before I have you tell us about Bloom chase, I wanted to ask you, so you knew that you wanted to help people. So what made you decide to become a certified life coach?

Abraham: Yes, the reason I wanted to become a certified life coach was that, I wanted to, of course Ive been talking to people, helping people for quite some time, but I wanted to go through the process and get some more experience, some more knowledge, you know, and of course the certification as well, just kind of more credentials and to help me better help people. I believe that one of the reasons why I was born was to help people, was to add value to people, to help people achieve their dreams, their potential and the greatness, that is inside of them. So thats one of the reasons why I started coaching and I believe it will help a lot of people over time. Every year I take new students and help them to achieve whatever it is that they need to achieve.
So that
s pretty much it on the life coaching part.

Rhonda: Wonderful, and so you became a life coach and then your business was off and how did you find starting your life coach business? Was it easy to get started? And then you can sought of flow right into telling us a little about Bloom chase.

Abraham: Yes, everything requires work and surely in certain communities, unfortunately in African American communities which is my primary place of influence, and its kind of a new concept for people to work with a coach, so sometimes theres some education that is involved, in terms of helping people see the need for it and at least Ive offered three sessions that other people to pay 9.95 for and they still quit. They still, you know after two or three classes, they are like, oh I dont think this is for me but I just give it to you free, other people to pay for it you know. Because why some of this happen is that, some people, they still kind of getting used to the importance of working with a coach, having a coach in their life. So I think there was a newbie, when I started has a newbie of convincing style, but as I begin to make more impact and add more value to it for my students, so they begin to spread the word and now, its like relatively easier to get clients to work within home.

That also led me to why we founded bloom chase. Bloom chase, we started that last year. And believe it, it was at one point it was so hard to get new clients and as I was talking to other coaches and counselors. I found out that, I was not the only person which they were busier or had more clients you know. And so then I knew that, okay, theres a need for a platform whereby that will make it easy for coaches and counselors to find new clients and also that will be easy for our clients to find counselors you know. It could be very intimidating and stressful to go on YouTube or Google and try to find a life coach or whatever, there are thousands or millions of different stuff out there. So the idea was, what about if we have a platform together, whereby we can match customers with local professionals, coaches and counselors doing stuffs like that you know. So thats where we started bloom chase and its been really awesome. And we currently have over 3000 professionals that are listed on bloom chase. Its a very simple process, our pricing right now is about $9 a month, 24.95 a month depending on what package a person needs.

So for only $9 a month or $99 a year, any coach, counselor, professional can create a beautiful profile and that is all they need. If you love their profile, their picture, their social media, everything. So when somebody comes on the side and need that particular expertise and that zip code that person requires, so in less than 5 seconds, we can match a customer with the right professional.

So bloom chase is really exciting for me, because weve seen, cos other ways, it kind of sits into my life dream of helping people, because we kind of help two people at the same time, we help the customers find the best professional for them and once you are a, professionals find customers you know.
So that
s kind of what bloom chase does and its very exciting you know. And gone are days where by, youve got to print business cards, fliers, and run by people at Walmart, and knock on doors and try to introduce yourself, but with Bloom chase, it takes less than 10 minutes, create a profile, sign up and that is all you really need to do, cos our job is to drive traffic to your site and get you leads.
So that
s pretty much what bloom chase does in essence.

Rhonda: Wow that is fantastic, and you know, I commend you for seeing a need. There is really something important about that Abraham, when you see a need and then you have the courage to just go out there and say, you know what? Why not me? I can fill this need and so was it scary at all to do this? Or did you find it challenging as you were getting it started?

Abraham: Yes, it was scary, but it was one of those business that, I guess, I really did not know how hard it was gonna be to get started, that probably if I did, maybe I might not have started it or maybe I would have, because I like challenge also, you know, but I know. It is a hard business to do, because its what they called the chicken and egg problem. The double side business. Unlike, if you have a store, lets say you have an online store now or like youre a coach now, you only have one group of people youre marketing to, clients, you wanna get clients. Or if you have a shoe business, you wanna get clients, but we had double side market place you know.

We have to market to professionals, to get them to list and at the same time we had to market to customers to come and hire our professionals. So were marketing two group of, two spectrum of the market at the same time. Then we have to keep that balance and you know, its a tough business to do you know, but when it works, it works really well.

We just enter the space now, our biggest competitor, they are about 8 or 9 years into the game and they already have a market valuation of $1.6 billion. So the market is still huge, theres a ladder of opportunities for growth, but its a very tough business to get into because, its a double sided type of business you know, but were making strives, were gaining traction and this week, were gonna be in North Carolina to try to audition for Shark Tank, and were getting a good traction now, so we doing pretty good.

Rhonda: Oh, wow well good luck with Shark Tank. Oh my goodness, youll have to let me know when your episode air so we can tune in.

Abraham: Thank you, Im really praying and hoping that they feature us on one of the episodes that will be really awesome for Bloom Chase.

Rhonda: Yeah, absolutely. Im so proud of you. I just think its fantastic too. This episode is called, following your dreams pays off and youre doing just amazing work, behind the scenes and itll all pay off in the long run. As a matter of fact, I think I get my profile listed, I dont know what the traffic is like coming from Orlando, Florida area but Im like, oh my gosh, you know what? Ill probably list on bloomchase

Abraham: Yes and Orlando is, Florida is very big. Its one of our biggest market actually, right now. Most of our big markets are, Florida, Orlando area, Atlanta, Dallas, New York, so Im gonna be in New York, next month too Im coming to Florida soon. So our big markets, you know, were trying to put in some local presence as well and looking out for events and stuff like that, to connect with local and professionals you know, and so its so amazing, So its so amazing in terms of what technology can do right now.

Like I said, gone are the days, whereby people have to work so hard, try to do business cards, fliers which are still good. Then try to get pass out like a 1000 and hopefully get 5 people call you back, but with just $9 a month or 24.95, for the main difference between both is that, the $9 a month plan is localized, its only list in your zip code. So lets say, your zip code is Orlando, if somebody is in Kampar, Florida and you know, they might not find you because, if they looking for somebody in that locality. Then in the 24.95 plan, you able to list nation wide, then of course the software is gonna give more credence to those that are closer to the customers, but you limited to just your zip code or your city.

You can found nationwide, as long as somebody choose what you offer, you know. So its just incredible how technology can, I mean this is the best time for anybody to follow their dreams, this is the best time to start a business, this is the best time to do something with your dream, because Its so easy now, its easier now to be successful in business than ever before. So like I said, with only less than $30 a month, you can really grow a business. Two years ago, you had to spend a lot of money on marketing and this and the other. So its such an incredible time to do business.

Rhonda: No, thats pretty amazing and I certainly wish you all the success with bloomchase.com and Ill be definitely be keeping contact now that weve made this connection and when youre in Florida, if Im in town, because my travel schedule is crazy, but we can see if we can connect, because I think that would be amazing. But Ive another question that I want to ask you before we begin the wrap up and I know that youre an author and youve got so many wonderful books on the market. Tell us just a little bit about or maybe you can give us one secret from your book, millionaire habits. (laughs)

Abraham: (laughs) Yeah, I wanna be, thank you so much for saying that. Yeah, Ive written a lot of books, on, theyre mostly online on Amazon and one of the reasons why I wrote book, pretty much two reasons, one, to help people and secondly for multiple streams of income, on the basics about Amazon, for instance you know, you can write a book there, without really marketing, of course you need to market your books, but if you put your book out there, if it is a good title that people are always searching for you, theres a chance somebody is going to stumble upon it and buy it, because they need that information right there.

So thats a lot of stuff people dont know because, Rhonda one of the things Im moving towards and I kind of teach people, I teach a lot of my coaching clients too is, to get into the place of automation right, you know, get in place of automation, try and automate your life, try and automate your businesses, your income. So looking for ways whereby you dont have to work so hard, but you can get the same type of result, compared to somebody that is working so hard, grinding. So like my book on Millionaire habits, so of my book out there, thats one of the things I wrote in the books you know. If you wanna be wealthy, you want to be rich, you got to find a way to grow whatever income you have right now and a one of the way you can grow it is automation. Write books you know. If you can write books, put it on Amazon, put it on Kindle. Write on interesting topics, you know Rhonda Ive written on topics that people do not, if I tell people some of the topics Ive written on, people will be amazed, but I write on what people need. Not just on what I want.

For instance, I wrote a book on How to cure Alcohol addiction this is an eBook, Ive written this book on How to cure Sleep disorder. Ive written a book on cooking, on recipes, you know, because people want to learn how to do this type of thing and yeah it brings residual income every three months, Amazon sends me royalty for how many books I sell through their platforms.

So, it all comes back to what were talking about, following your dreams, following your passion. Not allowing anything to stop you or discourage you. Keep going for it, keep pushing it.

Get a life coach, get a mentor, get somebody to work with you, get somebody to teach you how to work smarter and not harder.

So I wish people would just listening and just begin to apply it. I mean theyre going to see so much blessings that come to their lives.

Rhonda: Wonderful, wonderful. Well that is a wonderful transition. So wrap it for us Abraham by telling people about the three substantial take away you want to leave with. What do you want people to leave with that they can take and begin immediately applying to their lives?

Abraham: Thank you so much. Okay so that three takeaway I wanna give today:

Number 1, if you want to be successful in life, you got to follow your dream. You got to follow your dream, whatever that is, you got to follow. You got to stick to it. Dont jump from one thing to the other. You got to follow your dreams and stick to it.

Number 2, you need an actionable plan to achieve your dreams. You need a plan. You cant just say well, I wanna be a millionaire, but you got no plan, no steps, no goals to get there. That doesnt work like that. You need an actionable plan on how you can achieve those dream.

Number 3, you need a mentor or coach. You need somebody that can also work with you on putting together actionable plan or that can help you to achieve your dreams.

So if anybody follows these three take away, this three steps, these three tips. Theyre gonna do well, theyre gonna be able to achieve their dreams, purpose, destiny or desire. Youve got to follow that dream, take actions, then get a coach or a mentor.

Rhonda: Wonderful, thank you Abraham for being here. You have shared some wonderful nuggets and by being on our show and being transparent and open, you have Im sure added value, which is one your goals in life to someone elses life. I thank you for being here.

Abraham: Thank you so much Rhonda. I appreciate it and I appreciate you giving me this wonderful opportunity and anytime you need me on, feel free to reach me on, Ill be glad to come back on.

Rhonda: Wonderful and to our audience members out there, I encourage everyone to visit our website and view the notes for the show because Abraham has given us three wonderful actionable take away and so I hope you were taking notes but if not, you can find them on our website.
As always we
ll also provide the links to Abrahams social media and so before we go, so Abraham how can folks reach you, if they want to connect?

Abraham: Thank you so much. Yeah to reach us, you can connect with us online. Our website is, www.bloomchase.com, thats our website and were Facebook, Twitter, once you put
Bloomchase.com or bloomchasepro on Facebook and Twitter, then our website is Bloomchase.com

Rhonda: Wonderful and for everyone else out there, I certainly thank you for tuning in todays show and I want you to stay tuned for our next episode but until then, I really do hope that this episode has helped you take one more step towards living your most amazing life. Until next time.

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