Dream Life University Podcast Episode 9 Women in Power


Meet Katie Owens!
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In this episode, Katie Owens joins me.

Katie is the Vice President of HealthStream Engagement Institute. With two decades of experience helping organizations achieve service and operational excellence, Katie has proactively worked to gather the skill set and knowledge base to effect positive change in the healthcare industry. As a member of the HealthStream Leadership team, she oversees the coaching practice and the growth of their patient experience solution. Katie previously served on the leadership team of Baptist Health Care (BHC) in Pensacola, Florida, where she supported the system’s sustained journey to excellence. Katie is an internationally-recognized speaker and the lead author of The HCAHPS Imperative for Creating Patient-Centered Excellence. She is currently working on her second book about the importance of speaking the patient’s language.

Katie shares with us:

  • How she became the Vice President of HealthStream Engagement Institute.
  • Why she became so passionate about improving the patient experience.
  • Her thoughts on the expansion and growth of the “patient experience” focus in healthcare.
  • What she views as some of the unique challenges of being a successful woman in corporate leadership.
  • How she responds to those who say you cannot have it all.
  • Her advice for women looking to continue climbing the corporate ladder especially in the face of obstacles.
  • How she encourages her highly respected and impactful team to seek life balance in the face of their very demanding roles.
  • The challenges of how she keeps herself grounded in the midst of her professional success.
  • And more!

At Dream Life University, our objective is to give you the tools and resources necessary to change your life. Creating life change using tangible, actionable steps is our mission with every podcast. Why? Because true success only comes when we take action. Not when we listen, not when we read, not when we wish… only action creates momentum and true change.

Listen as Katie gives us her 3 KEY TAKEAWAYS you can start using to create your life and career change today!

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  • Regina Hutchinson

    Reply Reply October 17, 2016

    I really enjoyed this show , it was rich with nuggets of wisdom for women who are in leadership roles.

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