Dream Life University Podcast Episode 10 – An Entrepreneur Success Story


Meet Divya Parekh!

In this episode, Divya Parekh joins me.

Divya Parekh is an in-demand motivational speaker. She is a leading business relationship and best seller book writing coach. Divya is able to connect with audiences across all industries and speaks on a range of topics associated with business relationships and leadership. From how to create resonant relationships to how to master mindfulness for increased efficiency, energy and profits, or even becoming a bestselling author, Divya’s engaging and interactive talks show the audience a simple success principle: Become the empowered “YOU” to reach new levels.

Divya works in the international arena with leaders, achievers, and entrepreneurs. She believes the key factor in success on any level is the partnerships we cultivate. For her, the relationship is king. She helps others to learn the exponential power in developing a thorough understanding of your business partners and giving of yourself. She provides her services to the corporate, and entrepreneurial worlds on how to seed, grow and sustain productive relationships.She accomplishes this through her leadership talks, workshops, and coaching sessions. Divya’s best-selling books, including her newest, The Entrepreneur’s Garden – The Nine Essential Relationships to Cultivate Your Wildly Successful Business, serve as the foundation for many leaders in business and other organizations. Her other books include Stress Management, Mindfulness Mastery, Critical Thinking, Candid Critique, Appreciative Inquiry, Leadership and Influence, and Emotional Intelligence. She also co-authored the international best-selling book, The Voyage to Your Vision.

Divya shares with us:

  • The back story: How she survived a layoff scare only to realize it was time for her to transition away from the business sector. This led to her journey of becoming a successful author, coach and speaker.
  • How she determined her true calling
  • How she overcame her hesitation when entering the entrepreneurial world
  • The importance of working with a coach or mentor who has been where you are going
  • Some of her challenges along the way and how she avoided giving up
  • The importance of allowing yourself to be human and vulnerable during difficult times
  • What budding entrepreneurs can they do to manage the fear that inevitability every entrepreneur faces
  • The all important 9 essential relationships every business needs to cultivate. From her latest book The Entrepreneur’s Garden – The Nine Essential Relationships to Cultivate Your Wildly Successful Business
  • The importance of Zig Zigler’s quote of “face everything and fight… or forget everything and run.”
  • And more!

At Dream Life University, our objective is to give you the tools and resources necessary to change your life. Creating life change using tangible, actionable steps is our mission with every podcast. Why? Because true success only comes when we take action. Not when we listen, not when we read, not when we wish… only action creates momentum and true change.

Listen as Divya gives us her powerful 3 KEY TAKEAWAYS you can start using to create your life and career change today!

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