Is Your EQ the Elephant in the Room?

Tyrese Gibson’s character Roman in the Fast and Furious plays the role of the loveable hot head. In any given scene, we are waiting for the next explosion or objection. You see Roman is someone who can be described as wearing his emotions on his sleeve. For good or for bad, Roman wants you to know when he is happy and when he is angry. He is not going to hide these emotions… he just lets it all hang out!

Roman is not unique. We can all think of someone who is prone to outbursts. Thing about your family members. Who comes to mind as the one who is best described as a shaken can of soda just waiting to be popped! What about the office colleague that always seems on edge. Those are the obvious displays that tell you something about the individual’s emotional intelligence.

But what about the not so obvious? This person is not prone to outbursts but simply does display situational awareness. They tend to be the same in every situation. They are consistent. This is because they are tuned in to who they are and do not feel the need to adjust to the events around them. This person might be heard making the statement, “That’s just how I am.” They may not display a high degree of empathy when a family member or colleague is stressed or angry. Or they may constantly be enveloped by conflict (minor or major).

This type of not-so-obvious EQ display can be the elephant in the room. While everyone can see that something is not quite right, many struggle to pinpoint exactly what problem is. We tend to immediately look at intellect as a potential culprit. After all, a smart person would not behave this way, right? This faulty thinking often takes us off course and diverts our attention away from the true problem which may very well be one of emotional intelligence.

EQ skills are every bit the equal and many would say superior to IQ. Multiple studies have concluded that emotional intelligence is the true predictor of success, in both life and business. The core pillars of EQ include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. Many of us may have strong EQ skills in some areas while we may be lacking in other areas. We understand that perfection is not the goal but if you are going to address the elephant in the room, one strategy would be to assess your own emotional intelligence and begin taking steps to strengthen your EQ areas weakness.

Ask yourself honestly, is your EQ the elephant in the room blocking your success?

Until next time, all the best in creating your most amazing life!


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