Choosing a Career

While in the airport, I had a discussion with a young lady who was struggling with choosing a career. The difficulty was she was young (under 30) with 1 child and wanted to make the absolute best decision for her and her child.

Like many others, she feels the burden of this decision and didn’t want to take it lightly. I shared a couple of thoughts on choosing a career or a career change with her.

Take the options on the table and do a plus/delta:

  • What are the positives and negatives of each one?
  • What are the salary, income potential, lifestyle implications, etc.
  • What are the educational investments (time and money)?
  • What is the market demand forecast?
  • If you have friends or family who are involved in any of these careers, take a few minutes to get their perspective. You are listening not to be told what to do, but to take away nuggets that may help to form your decision.

But the most important thing I shared was not to look at this selection as “the end”. This is something many of us fall victim to. It’s just another decision. One of many you will make in your life. If it’s not the right one, you’ll figure this out in time and it’s never too late to change course.

Building your dream life requires a certain amount of flexibility in order to continue evolving to the point where you are comfortable and happy with your direction.

Many decisions will not be perfect the first time so no need to put too much pressure on yourself. There are plenty of others who will do that for you!

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