Are We Really Free?

Thinking of freedom and smiling proudly

For all those who fought for us, so courageous

I wonder if they knew

Holding each other hostage would become contagious


Technology has evolved and

It helps further the everyday cause

All while emboldening hate to the point

Where it should cause each of us to pause


How is it that our words no longer matter?

That political correctness is now the villain?

Does this mean that being disrespectful and uncaring

Is now what we teach our children?


We should never devalue the power of thought

For it drives our words and actions

And those who say “I didn’t mean it”

Are often simply responding to the reaction


I read social media posts regularly

Some are posted so positively

But I also see hate posted boldly

At the end of the day

Am I the devil because we disagree?


What is freedom without responsibility?

It gives comfort in pointing to you instead of looking at me.

Doesn’t being free come with a cost?

And without payment do we all risk becoming lost?


My hope for our country is one of caring

Where my position of tolerance doesn’t feel daring

Where we can learn to respect each other

Because even in our differences, you are still my sister or my brother


Only then can we truly embody the greatness of our country

And the promise of what could be…

For now…

Ask yourself this question

Black, white, red or brown,

Today, are we really free?


Author: Rhonda Y. Williams

August 2016

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