Why You Need a Success Coach

What do football teams, actors and singers all have in common? They have coaches. To put it a different way, they have success coaches! These groups understand that you don’t become your best by accident. Artfully crafting and executing a master plan is how you can achieve becoming your best you, whether personally or professionally.…

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Choosing a Career

While in the airport, I had a discussion with a young lady who was struggling with choosing a career. The difficulty was she was young (under 30) with 1 child and wanted to make the absolute best decision for her and her child. Like many others, she feels the burden of this decision and didn’t…

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Women: Are Your Work Clothes Hindering Your Career?

“It is difficult to get people to trust your abilities if they do not respect your appearance.” During career coaching sessions, I coach clients on the importance of dressing for the role you want…not the role you have. So I want to explore the topic here. Are your work clothes hindering your career? Fair or…

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